Lee DE LA CRUZ has experienced so much of life; the good and bad. Her experiences have made her an expert in dealing with stress or the releasing of inappropriate stress from the body.   Stress can cause so many diseases in our body and results in death for so many.   Lee is an experienced teacher, company director and healer. At the age of forty her life to many was perfect and at fifty everything was falling apart, then at sixty she rebuilt her life to the point where she is living a satisfying contented life.  

Although she has not always done what she loves as she felt trapped in a situation that resulted in a near death experience for her, she is now doing what she loves and encourages everyone to live their dream.  She believes that by doing what you love you allow others to do the same.  By doing what you love; you are creating the basics for a satisfying life. Her insights are not unique and yet based on common sense. Love yourself, believe in yourself and finally listen, look so that you learn. These are so powerful for a satisfying life.

Steps to empowerment


Even though I have known; even to the fact that I grow up with these basic principles as a young girl, I lost myself and had to learn again how to apply these to my life.


LOVE YOURSELF   It is so important to love yourself which means to have respect and treat yourself as your best friend.  Putting yourself first; remembering that you need to be good to help others.  Growing up my mother would say to me, “Love yourself. If you do not love yourself how do you expect anyone else too.”


BELIEVE IN YOURSELF   Believing in yourself for me, is about having faith, confidence and knowing that what you are doing is the right thing.  Being the best thing for yourself and others. Going after your dreams; you can do it.  Henry Ford said, “If you think you can or think you cannot; you are right.”  It depends on what you believe.


LISTEN, LOOK AND LEARN  This is about listening to that inner voice, your intuition. Often, we know what is the best thing to do for ourselves but we choose not to follow it.  However, it is about learning from your intuition, listening and looking so that you can learn.